Sunday, 29 June 2014

JPG to PDF Converter

Our Free JPG to PDF converter is one of the easiest, however a complex piece of tool that has been designed to converts many types of images formats like JPEG, GIF,PNG,PSD and many more into PDF files without actually using Adobe Acrobat software.It can also convert multiple images into a single pdf file, thus you can create your own PDF photo album. And these created pdf files can be viewed on multiple devices and on the web.
Besides supporting large quantity of images formats, you may also input Video formats like MPEG,WMV and AVI to create the first frame .If you have any external device connected to your PC,like scanner, webcam and many others, you can directly load pictures from them.
Free JPG to PDF converter has functions to modify page size of the output PDF file. It supports page sizes of A0/A1/A2/A3/A4/A5/A6/B5/Letter (8.5"×11")/Legal (8.5"×14")/Ledger (17"×11")/11"×17"). Our free jpg to pdf converter stands out from the other software's online in terms of its simple features, graphical user interface but yet powerful enough for any professional.

Key features of Free JPG to PDF Converter.
It can convert JPG to PDF easily without using Adobe Acrobat. It can convert any highly dense JPG file, pictures ,screenshots and snapshots  into single PDF file of any size very easily with any third party tools like Adobe Acrobat.
You can directly transfer the files from any external devices, like webcam, camera or scanner directly connected to your pc. You can convert multiple images in a nice PDF type eBook and share it with your friends online.
It supports many file formats as compared to any other software online. The format include TIF,BMP,EMF,PNG,JPE,JFIF,PSD,JPG/JPEG etc. Our free jpg to pdf converter can handle more than one pic at a time. This is definitely a must have and an essential utility for any professional.
JPG to PDF converter can also convert files to PS (Post Script Format) which is most widely used format when you are dealing with some drawings, flyers or Logos. You can customize the paper output size and this gives you the type of control on the output that you always wanted, for different purposes. You can also vary the output compression to suit your requirement. Usually RLE compression is available in case of PS (Post script format).
JPG to PDF converter supports multitasking and hence you can convert hundreds of image files into pdf files within no time.
It has an easy to use,graphical user interface and with step-by-step wizard you can convert any image file easily into pdf file with no technical knowledge. It is 100% free and clean software that you can use anywhere, your home office etc. Click on the pic below to start downloading.

 How to install jpg to pdf converter?
Click on the button below to download. If have an antivirus installed on your system and if it tries to block it, just disable your antivirus for a time being. Don’t worry it is a 100% clean software. After  completing the installation just launch the application and start using it.